Don’t Shut the Door, Someone Wants to Say Hello

I want to share two monumental events with you that have opened my eyes.

I have a neighbor who is Muslim, well I have many:) but this woman opened up to me. In the midst of our conversation. We talked about eating organic and many other things. She also invited me to see parts of Jakarta that many tourists would never see:)
She then uttered some powerful words.
“I am Muslim and you are American and you like me?” I started to well up with tears.

I am riding my scooter home yesterday and became totally lost. I pulled over and 7 individuals congealed together to help me get safely home.. I didn’t understand what they were saying but by observing all the nuances among the individuals involved in the collaboration of my rescue mission I noticed there was one gentleman who was leading the Calvary.
I so enjoyed watching the interaction.
By the time it was all said and done he had organized an escort to guide me home!

Deborah Welch Morrison you were right:)
I learned something very valuable in that moment of being lost, scared and what felt like alone and in the conversation with my neighbor.

This country is over 80% Muslim.
All the beliefs and stories that were shared with me before coming over and some of them my own, were dissolved in these interactions. I have experienced only love and compassion since I have been here.
I was so ashamed for harboring those thoughts.
This has made me stop and think. Who else do I do this with in my life?