My Maiden Voyage

I cannot even begin to tell you what this moment means to me. I just rode my scooter to school! Let me explain… Given what you have seen with the traffic videos I have posted on my blog you can probably understand my trepidation! I was so emotional when I reached school! I could not believe I mastered it! Thank God no one was watching me they would of thought I was smoking something.

Now I know it’s 5:30 on a Saturday morning and the traffic is much slower. One other thing you may not know here is the streets all look the same. Often times there are no street signs and when there are street signs they will change along the way. There is no consistency. It makes it really challenging for a newbie to remember the route especially if the OJeck (scooter taxi) that I have been taking is always taking a different route due to construction or busy streets!
I am telling you I am dancing on air baby!!!