Attachment Makes The Heart Grow Weary

Learning to love without attachment is virtually impossible. A friend of mine shared with me that loving without craving or expecting things to show up in a certain way is what is essential to our true happiness. Oh how so very true!!!!
This brings me to my topic for this writing.
It’s my naïveté and lack of education that makes living here in Jakarta a challenge. It injects fear. Creates frustration. Leaves me lonely at times.
It’s learning not to expect things to show up differently but to be present and accept each moment for what it is and what I can learn from it.
1)Like accepting that it’s ok to be this close to another driver while driving. (I just need to remember when I get back to the states that this rule of thumb probably won’t be accepted. LOL) darn consistency:)

That waking up to no electricity and having the caretaker tell me it will be on tonight at 10pm. When I have been told by expats that’s “Indo time. ” That doesn’t mean it will happen tonight at 10pm.
😅I may me up for a midnight swim
2) Being awaken every morning at 4:30 with the “Muslim call to prayerl” on loud speakers is ok.
(The only way I can described it is like a chant. This happens all across Jakarta)
👌I have not set my alarm since I have been here:)
3) It’s ok not to be understood or to understand everything all the time!
When I was first learning sign language I remember the teacher asking each student to give one sign expressing how they feel. When it was my turn I wanted to say I was hungry but I signed horny instead!
Oyi was I embarrassed! Here I thought I was cool because I was picking something no one else had picked. HA!
😳I guess I succeeded!!!
4) It’s ok to not have what you need when You think you need it.


😜It teaches me that I have choices and that I have the option to learn something new or not.
( Some public restrooms come with sprayers. Others come with pails of water and a ladle. You stand over the toilet on the  raction marked feet rest on both sides and squat.
When you are finished you are to wash yourself off.
More often than not public restrooms do not have toilet paper, paper towels or hand soap.
The right hand is for eating and shaking hands. Your left is considered the unclean hand.)
With everything that happens with us we have a choice to either respond, take a breath and relax into the moment or to react and get frustrated and or upset.
So I ask myself… Why not enjoy the ride? I know it can be a lot more fun if I choose to laugh and play and enjoy these moments.
It’s in these moments that my mind opens to a new opportunity. My judgement disappears and my heart opens to a new way of experiencing life. I can then embrace a culture and except those who appear to be different than my self.
Isn’t that why we are here…to love one another and it be alright ✌️