This morning I decided to embark upon a walk/jog at the Jakarta Zoo.
I have been told it is a safe place to go and get your exercise. A much needed respite from the pandemonium on the streets.
At 6:30am they open up the Zoo exclusively for exercise enthusiasts before they actually open to the public. You pay the standard entrance fee of .45 cents and you along with other jogger’s, runner’s, walkers, bicyclists and specialized groups who come to practice their favorite form of exercise can do so till their hearts content or till they collapse from the heat and the humidity.
You are totally entertained by the Howler monkeys who’s call is echoed across the park. There are an array of street vendors setting up to sell their wares of different trinkets and food. The street cleaners are using straw brooms to clean the streets of falling debris from the canopy of trees above. Sounds lovely doesn’t it?

About half way through my walk/jog it hit!


OH NO!!!! My first squatty potty…Uhhhhhh nope… I changed my mind. Not ready for this!!! There is no toilet paper!!! Dang it! I forgot to bring my own:( and I am not ready for a public sitz bath.
Needless to say my jog turned into a full blow RUN!

5 thoughts on “RUN FORREST RUN!!!

  1. Oh honey I’m just now sitting down to read all your posts. I am cringing. So when you ran home instead of using this potty. Do you have toilet paper at your place?


  2. Wow, Trina, you’re truly in the thick of it! I love the video posts and pics… Your thought provoking writings really make me look at my own life in a beautiful way and I want More! I can barely wait for your next post! : ) love you and miss you oxo

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