Bridge Over Troubled Manholes

Written text…
Its 91 degrees in Jakarta. I am going to mall.
I have given up fixing my hair as most of the time I take a scooter taxi. Which requires me to wear a helmet. Many people wear a mask or a scarf because there is a lot of exhaust from the vehicles and the scooters. If I don’t it makes me sick to my stomach.
Today I am going to show you what it is like to walk on the streets of Jakarta.
It is not always safe and you have to dodge a lot of obstacles. AT&T could use this as a good commercial for not texting while walking, driving or riding a bicycle:)
The man is helping the car back out of the parking lot into oncoming traffic so he doesn’t get hit by another vehicle or scooter. He gets paid a mere $2,000 Rupiah. Approximately .15 cents ( I said .35 in the video…I was wrong)

2 thoughts on “Bridge Over Troubled Manholes

  1. Trina you crack me up! Seems like you’ve done well in your transition, and learning the daily happenings! Watch out for those man holes! Love you!


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