The Dis-ease of Rigidity

My whole body has locked up!!! OMG I ache everywhere.
Have you ever experienced what it’s like to be rigid in your thoughts. Hanging on to old ways of being? Of course it will manifest differently in each and everyone one of us. For me I ACHE and I do mean everywhere!
Its day 4…
I miss brushing my teeth with tap water.
I miss being able to express with ease what I need or want.
I miss walking or driving around town and not being afraid of getting hit.
I miss hearing someone speak English.
I miss buying foods without sugar and MSG and foods that aren’t fried.
I miss not being able to have consistent internet service.
I did not realize how attached I was to technology, clean air, clean water, toilet paper, the ease of picking up the phone and not having to figure out what time zone I am calling before I can talk to someone I love.

I have taken so much for granted.

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